Authentik Systems makes it easy to recover up to 5% more value from each payroll without cutting workforce! It’s as simple as using a mobile device to log your workforce. 

Your Authentik Systems account does all the work for you including providing easy link-up to accounting and payroll services such as QuickBooks, ADP, and PayChex.

The logos for Quickbooks, ADP, Inc. and Paychex, Inc. are trademarks of Intuit, Inc., ADP, LLC., and PayChex, Inc. respectively.  Authentik Systems, LLC. is not affiliated with any of those companies and indicating their trademarks and compatibility of our system is not intended to imply any endorsement by those companies of our service or product.

Looking for a biometric option? We’ve got the only option that can log whoever from wherever, without being tethered to a phone or computer.

Let’s discuss Authentik Systems’ many options to utilize the best biometric, fingerprint-based time logging solution to provide 100% accurate workforce verification at an affordable cost.

Call us at 443-249-3352 to discuss your needs. Whether straightforward, or custom…we’re happy to do whatever it takes to make it happen! 

Let’s talk about:

  • Affordably automating your workforce time management 
  • Biometric solutions that provide indisputable verification of time in and time out
  • Online access to information about your team
  • Getting a return on investment in your first pay period!

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